English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

Tuesday & Thursday mornings & evenings, Monday afternoon

Classes are offered for level one and two students looking to learning the basics of the English language or to improve their spoken and written command of English. With classes currently held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in both the morning and evening as well as Monday afternoon, registration for new and returning students is open at the beginning of each semester. All are welcome to participate and those interested in volunteering as teachers or who are interested in enrolled should contact the center.

Sewing & Crocheting Groups

Take time to explore and learn about different handicrafts! These groups meet throughout the week and offer time to work on projects, welcoming beginners and those with more experience. All are welcome to participate and grow in skill and community through these wonderful programs.

Food Pantry

3rd Wednesday of Each Month, 2:30-6:30 PM

Operated by the SSJ Neighborhood Center out of the lower level of Christus Church, the community food pantry serves those in need of supplemental food assistance. Distributing food from the South Jersey Food Bank and from generous donors, the food pantry offers fresh produce, frozen food, and canned goods as well as a variety of other donated items including toiletries, bedding, and paper goods. All participants are asked to bring identification with them to register for assistance.

Community Garden

As we care for all of creation, the community garden provides a space of natural beauty and abundance. Through the generosity of donors, the SSJ Neighborhood Center cultivates multiple raised beds during the growing season to provide supplemental produce to the food pantry and to encourage urban agriculture in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Prayer

Wednesdays 1:00-2:00 PM

Join us for an opportunity to pray as a community and to share faith as we come to know one another & pray for our neighbors and our world. This group gathers weekly to reflect on scripture and to share prayer and life together, building community and growing in faith as a community for the good of the neighborhood and the world.

Computer Access with Assistance

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Center offers access to computers for those in need of technology to research, apply for jobs, or send e-mails. All times for computer access offer the help of an instructor who can help beginners learn how to use a computer and do basic functions on a desktop computer. All are welcome to use the center's computers during designated computer lab times.

Community Meetings

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Center offers community partners a place to hold public meetings. This sharing of our space helps to build relationships in the community and helps us to make sure that neighbors are present at gatherings that will directly impact their lives.

Community Events & Projects

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Center is a place to gather and grow as a community. We welcome various groups to partner with us on community projects and to celebrate the gifts of a diverse, inclusive community. From service projects to multicultural events, the Neighborhood Center's mission is to gather neighbors together for the betterment of all!